In 2013 Miguel and Brandon met at the PGFD fire academy.  filming and photography was a shared passion between them both. They never thought a friendship built upon brotherhood, dedication, and team work would turn into a successful business. In 2016 Ovr10 Productions LLC was started.

Our mission is to create high quality films that would take our clients back in time to live those moments over again. With the proper vision and leading industry equipment we direct and produce these films for weddings, car enthusiasts, music videos, etc. We film in 4k ensuring that no quality is lost; While creating the cinematic look as if you were watching a movie. We are a family oriented business and treat our clients like family.

Miguel Ocasio

Co- Owner & Founder of OVR10 Productions LLC. 

Born and raised in the Bronx, NY. Building cars with my uncle was everything to me. Cars were my main passion for many years. I soon began to start filming my car and friends using my iPhone. Thats when my passion of filming DEVELOPED. To think a few years later I'd be filming professionally for our LLC was a dream that turned into a reality. 

Brandon Hosselrode


born and raised in Calvert County, Maryland: fishing and hunting was my lifestyle growing up. For years I wouldn't miss a opening day with my dad. I've always enjoyed having a camera in my hand capturing moments that sometimes could never be repeated or just memories i wanted to keep forever. I've always had a dream to start my own business and it feels so surreal to be able to say my dream came true.